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e-Max For Stunning Colour & Translucency

As a metal-free restoration solution, e-Max offers optimum results where a drastically dark abutment is not involved. It provides stunning colour and translucency by allowing light to pass through; creating a chameleon effect with its surroundings to deliver a superior level of contrast and esthetics.

6 e-Max crowns
6 e-Max crowns
4 e-Max veneers
6 e-Max veneers
10 e-Max crowns

Known for its versatility, e-Max can be used in anterior and posterior single units, as well as 3-unit anterior bridges and 3-unit posterior bridges (up to the second bicuspid crowned).

Posterior crowns are fabricated to be monolithic for maximum strength up to 400MPa. Anterior crowns and bridges get a minimal cutback-to-layer porcelain detail to give the ultimate depth of esthetics. Unlike Zirconia, e-Max can be bonded to create an even stronger overall restoration with the abutment.

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