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Access More Zirconia Solutions with Our Open System

Zirconia has grown into a huge variety and systems for different applications and situations presented.
Whether it’s Procera, Lava, Zerion, ArgenZ or any other, our open system makes it all available to you.

Zirconia with layered porcelain

With so many options to pick from, you can rely on our technical expertise and proven experience to help you choose what’s best for your patient’s needs and their situation. In general:

  • Zirconia with layered porcelain offers the best esthetics
  • Monolithic Zirconia provides optimum strength
  • Monolithic HT Zirconia for added translucency

Zirconia (coping with layered porcelain) Crowns/Bridges

  • Coping is very strong at approximately 1200 Mpa.
  • Layered porcelain is as strong as any other porcelain system at an average lesser than 250MPa.
  • It’s very good at blocking out dark abutments, metal posts and implants.
  • Layering porcelain technique gives more of a natural depth of colour and translucency

Monolithic Zirconia Crowns/Bridges

  • No layering of porcelain and made to be a little more translucent than zirconia copings at 40%.
  • Approximately 1000MPa flex strength, but still stronger than layering porcelain
  • Good at blocking dark discolored abutments and can do full-round house bridgework

Monolithic Zirconia HT Crowns/Bridges

  • No layering as well for a uniformly strong material, but slightly lower strength at approx. 750MPa and 50% translucency
  • Can do up to 3 unit anterior bridges and single posterior units
  • Does not block dark abutments as well

We are always available for any questions or case planning, please feel free to call or drop in!

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