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Esthetic Dentistry Expertise at Your Fingertips

For over 30 years, we have invested in keeping up-to-date on progressive materials, technology and techniques to provide the very best in smile makeovers.

Through continuing education with Millennium Esthetics, LVI and new product seminars, our staff is well-equipped to take on any esthetic demanding case. From the esthetic wax-up to finalization, we can help provide you with predictable results that will make your patient smile!

We’ll work together with you through the following steps and answer your questions every step of the way:



This important stage allows us to see everything from the relative position of the midline, any cants, discolorations, lip line, tooth shape to match the face, overbites and tipping. An example of what our photos show us can be seen here.

Pre-Treatment Planning Photos
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Full Face smile
Smile Close-up
Right Profile
Left Profile
Mouth at Rest
Smile with Teeth Slightly Apart

Esthetic Wax-Up

Once we understand your patient’s needs, concerns and expectations, we create a wax-up showing what can be accomplished. You can then view this with your patient to discuss other exciting possibilities and/or necessary adjustments. If you’re looking for a helpful checklist with this process, you can find it below. here.

Diagnostic Wax-Up Checklist
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Esthetic Wax-up

Prep Model Guide

To give you an idea on how much reduction is needed to meet the esthetics of the wax-up, we provide a detailed model guide to help you with the preparation stage.

Prep Model Guide

Prepping Matrix

To help you see if enough reduction has been done, we will provide you with a sectioned putty matrix to place over your patient’s prepped teeth.

Prepping Matrix

Putty Matrix for Temps

Putty matrix example 1
Putty matrix example 1

Final Restoration

Full restoration example

We are always available for any questions or case planning, please feel free to call or drop in!

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