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Meet Our Team

With more than 20 professionals on staff, here are a few key team members you’ll meet at our lab, talk to on the phone or correspond with by email:

Joe Silva R.D.T.

Joe’s successful career began in 1974 when he started in the field with dentures. Over the years, he mastered various lab roles and earned his Registered Dental Technologist (RDT) certificate in 1988.

One year later, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to open Silva Dental Lab; a 1,200 sq. ft. space with six technicians. His central belief for success and growth was to become known in the industry for excellent products with efficient service.

To this day, the lab has earned that reputation as seen by its strong referral business and commitment to always keeping up-to-date with technology and techniques to offer the right products and systems at the right time.

John Rebelo R.D.T
General Manager

In 1987, John began working in the industry by joining Silva Dental Lab. Over the next 10 years, he developed exceptional skills by working his way through various lab departments that demanded a wide range of expertise and problem-solving on difficult cases. In 1998, he earned his Registered Dental Technologist (RDT) certificate from George Brown College in Toronto, followed by achieving his LVI Technician Certification in 2007, and attending The Master Aesthetic Technician course at the Las Vegas Institute.

As General Manager, John’s responsibilities span a number of areas including; growing the business, overseeing more than 20 staff, keeping his finger on the pulse of new products or technology that can be beneficial or new to industry standards, working on production in complex cases, and ensuring his team is constantly focused on continuing education to support the lab’s commitment to offering excellent products with efficient service.

With more than 30 years of experience, John is a highly skilled specialist who excels in esthetic dentistry. His favourite part of the job is seeing or hearing how happy a patient is with their transformation and how their needs were understood and met. John loves what he does and that passion is evident in his work.

Kara Silva
Lab Manager

Kara began with Silva Dental Lab doing bookkeeping. Through professional ambition, motivation and her ability to learn quickly from skilled team members, she mastered her training and her responsibilities grew immediately to include models, other technician positions, and eventually Lab Manager. For more than 15 years, Kara’s role has been central to the organization’s success in collaboration with Joe and John. Her keen attention to detail, commitment to customer service, and coordination of production ensures client satisfaction and smooth operations. From treatment planning to cost estimates, implant questions and more, Kara enjoys working closely with dentists to provide assistance at the lab or their office to help them create the perfect smile for their patient.

We are always available for any questions or case planning, please feel free to call or drop in!

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