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Porcelain Fused-to-Metal & Full Metal Crowns to Suit a Variety of Budgets

These types of crowns have been around a long time and are still a great option for discolored cores (where limited reduction required).

Full bridge with stress-breaker
4 unit bridge with pink porcelain

We offer several choices of alloy to suite almost every case such as:

  • High Noble which is best for bi-compatibility
  • Semi-Precious for a more economical option
  • Non-Precious when finances are a priority for your patient

Choose from our wide selection of alloys to fit your needs:

  • Argedent 54 (high noble)
  • Superior Plus (noble)
  • Nealoy + Non-Precious
  • JP 75 best gold full metal restorations
  • Castel low gold full metal restorations
  • And more (call for available options)

We are always available for any questions or case planning, please feel free to call or drop in!

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